Who is Carmel Rowley?

I have loved two things all my life, reading and horses. For a horse crazy girl in Melbourne it took until I was thirteen before my parents gave in to my constant pleading and purchased my first horse. My dream was to own a horse like the children in the stories I loved to read.

I married in 1972 and the following year the desire to breed horses became a reality. Together my husband Don and I have owned and bred purebred Arabians for forty years. The years of breeding combined with shared triumphs, sorrows and the forming of lasting friendships in Australia and around the world. It was during this busy time that I began to write Tails Carried High.

People often say writers are born. I’m sure it’s true to an extent but talent or no, both writers and horse breeders need to be determined, dedicated and confident enough to stride off down the road with a firm idea of where they want to go. My love of books and reading go hand in hand with writing, not that I ever really aspired to write my own books. However, I do have a steadfast determination, so it was inevitable, if I decided to write, I would persist to this end.

During the years while breeding horses I had several opportunities to write articles and stories for: The Australian Arabian Horse News, Arabian Horse Express, Arabian Studs and Stallions Annual, the online magazine StraightEgyptians.com, Desert Mirage, and FAWQ magazine Scope. My short stories are included in the Anthologies: Words from Toowoomba, Tales from our Verandah, Northern Lights and They shall not Grow Old for which I designed the cover and Brio.