94. Mary Whitehouse - New Zealand - 2016-05-09  12.00

Carmel, I've got your lastest book for my collecton can't wait for your next one you are my favourite writer and Arab person.

93. Lorry Wagner USA  - 2016-04-01 - 9.00

This book starts with such an intriguing beginning that as with the others, I could not put this book down without a struggle. I thought your new direction of writing a mystery was not only very well done, but I am impressed that you have, once again, incorporated your special and unique way of intertwining the real world of facts within our Arabian breed into this fascinating story. You do this so very well, no matter what the story line is of the basic story, itself. As I read your book a phrase came to my mind; i.e., we have the wrong people selling our Arabian horses for the wrong reasons. I hope and pray those reading your books can realize how you mix your stories with 100% true facts. What a great talent you have. You have found the perfect avenue to expose the destructive problems in a very clever way. As you know, I love your books.I finished and Wow! You have such a very special talent. The ending is fantastic. I look forward to the next one.
Kindest regards

92. Val Fergus - 2016-03-27 - 11.00

Carmel, What a great story. I loved Consequences and of course all your books. Looking forward to the next one. Proud to be a member of your fan club.

91. Sue Jones - 2016-01-30 - 1.15

I really enjoyed Consequences, particularly the important messages, let's hope they get through and help preserve what is best in the Arabian breed.

90. Dale Waldron - 2016-01-29 - 4.16

Dear Carmel
What a wonderful storyteller you are. Your new book "Consequences" was a superb read, full of great characters in the Arabian Racing scene. This mystery had me guessing all the way through and I still got it wrong, and I didn't see the twist at the end coming, so well done you. Thank you Carmel for the message that honesty and integrity should be our goal. Another excellent book from a talented author and beautiful soul.

89. Tania Shaw - 2016-01-19

Received my colouring in book this morning and I love it. Thank you very much. The quotes also are a fantastic idea. I will enjoy this book very much. Kind regards, Tania.

88. Tracey Forrest - 2016-01-19 - 1.56

Thank you so much Carmel. My colouring book is awesome. I love it so much thank you. Tracey

87. Julie Cooper - 2016-01-19 - 11.49

What a fantastic read, loved Consequences from start to finish....with every little twist and turn. Wonderful characters - you felt like you really had a connection with them and would call them friends!!!!! Thank you so much Carmel Rowley.

86. Gregory Egan - 2016-01-14 - 10.30

Dear Carmel,
I absolutely loved every bit of reading your new book CONSEQUENCES. At times I thought I was watching this in movie form, sitting right on the edge of my seat seeming to hear and see what happens next. Like your other novels, I really enjoyed all the characters and the roles they played in the story. AMAZING. Thank you for another outstanding journey. I recommend Consequences to everyone.

85. Beth Minnich USA -  2016-01-12 - 8.08

Carmel Rowley - 'Consequences' arrived in time for weekend reading. I started yesterday and had to finally close the book since it was past my bed time. I hope to finish it tonight and see if one of my top suspects is the killer. I am thoroughly enjoying reading the book and can't wait to see what happens in the last part. I did finish it last night - quite the ending. On many different levels, I enjoyed reading the book and really appreciate the messaging. Thank you! 

84. Hannah Moffat UK - 2016-01-09 - 11.11

Carmel - I wanted to let you know that your wonderful colouring book has just arrived here with me.
Each page is exquisite & I can see how much thought & time you have put into each drawing. I absolutely love it!
Lovely that each picture is accompanied by a beautiful verse dedicated to the noble horse, I really enjoyed reading your own contributions! "Typical" reminds me so much of my own 'grey steed' lol!
Thank you for sending it so promptly. I know I'm going to have many happy hours colouring it all in.

83. Leah Begley - 2016-01-07

Carmel - My 15 year old daughter has just discovered your books (we bought her one for Christmas), no other book has captivated her like yours (yep, not the Twilight series, Hunger Games or the Divergent series!!). She started with Tails Carried High. Our local book store in Jimboomba has them all. We have Arabians and do endurance, but our daughter also does other disciplines with her TB & Anglo. She's looking forward to reading all of your books

82. Kathi McDonald - 2016-01-05 - 3.15

Carmel - just wanted to let you know that the books arrived Monday. I waited a whole day before starting Consequences - and then couldn't put it down - I had to find out what had happened!
Love it, another page turner, well done! I look forward to reading the Danika and Yatimah book with Amelia and enjoying the colouring in book in some quiet times! Thank you and congrats on another super story - I hope we will get to read more stories about these great characters!

81. Katy Carolan - 2015-02-23  - 7.54

I want to write a fitting tribute to a great authoress, alas, whilst gifted with the blarney (as my grandmother often told me) I am certainly no wordsmith as our delightful Carmel Rowley is, so please bear with me! I believe I have something of importance to say, something that must be said.
Just how important are books? How important are the rare, truly Gifted authors?
Well, I could easily say how enchanted I was with the Daughters of the Wind series, how I felt like Jessikah was someone after my own heart and soul and how I’d love to have her as a best friend, how the beautifully descriptive writing took me to faraway lands, from France to Egypt and to adventures with the horses I love, all things that will likely only ever happen for me in my mind’s eye and on the wings of Carmel’s words.
I could explain my laughter and tears and the kind of desolation one feels when the series ends and you have to bid adieu to characters you’ve come to love and respect. This is tribute enough, certainly!
But there is something even more important to say. Books represent the evolution of mankind. No other species can conceive of writing and the collective wisdom it provides.
How one human being can influence scores of others, down through the ages and really MOVE them to new depths of soul. Books can open minds; they can make the universe and the collective wisdom of ALL the ages available to anyone.
This saves us all re-inventing the wheel and it binds us together and speeds our growth into an adult species. Books connect us to each other, to life, to the world and to something higher.
Books open doors and change lives, any wonder we put so much emphasis on children learning to read or Helen Keller fought so hard that the blind could have Braille so they too could read? Not to me! I get it. I’ve always been a bookworm.
And herein lies my personal miracle - I am a single mother of 4 wonderful boys, the eldest two having, shall we say, some learning issues and confidence issues from a less than stable start in life.
These boys, HATED school and I mean hated it and were quick to express this in so many heart-breaking ways. They would not read books of any kind, any subject. They had quite given up, quit, and all this brokenness at the very tender ages of 11 and 9! I have read to them as little kids but I had given up because I couldn’t find anything to engage them.
Cue Danikah and Yatimah.
I bought Carmel’s children's series because I had loved the adult books so very much and I wanted to read these too.
I was a horse mad little girl with zillions of horsey books from The Black Stallion series to Anna Sewell’s classic, Black Beauty, to the Jinny and Shantih series and the Silver Brumby books and Mary O’Hara and many others... and I still have them all!
So I started to read "Danikah and Yatimah, From Egypt to the Outback" and by the end of chapter one, I was already utterly hooked!
No one else had combined all the things I love best - Australia and her ancient spirit culture and her spectacular wildlife and colours, the rugged beauty, Arabian horses, the ancient desert kingdom of Egypt, adventure and kinship with these God-given animals.
Inspired, I REALLY wanted to take my boys on a holiday into this book (and reconnect with them)!
So I called them into my room (which sports a huge king bed, now the family reading zone because it has room enough for 4 boys and mum), I sat them down and said I wanted to read them a very special story, a little bit every night.
I told them it was a story of the outback and it was as close as we’d get to a 4wd holiday there for a while...
Well, I got scowls and grumbles and objections and when I said it was a story of a girl and her Arabian horse, I got serious eye-rolling! I did the mother's stink-eye and began to read over the complaints and thus, we began our odyssey into the Outback...
Not only did this become a much-needed enjoyable family time, another type of transformation took place.
My boys wouldn’t let me stop!
We read every night and I wanted to make it a chapter a night, (to not overdo it for them and to make the reading go on long enough to form a positive habit) but I was hounded to read some more “just one more chapter mum, you can’t stop now!”... I had to read, every night until they couldn’t keep their eyes open and the next night, they would ask me to re-read the last sleepy chapter from the night before.
There were several mornings they were late for school as a result ;)
I was marvelling at how Carmel had weaved a miracle in my boys who now dropped all the other distractions and arguments gladly to listen, rapt, every night, to the adventures of Dani and Yatmi, who they talked about as thought they were real, living friends they knew.
They asked me questions, they started to pick up books to read about the outback, birds, lots of things, they imagined a few adventures of their own with Dani and Yatmi...  I saw them react as I did with real emotions - eyes filled with tears at the sad moments and wide fearful eyes at the dangers and the smiles and belly laughs of great mates sharing yarns around a campfire, this became our nightly reading ritual.
The whole tone of our life began to change and then the greatest gift of them all became apparent... they finally found their love of reading!
They found what I had longed to give them, the ability to travel and expand and sometimes escape in a book and suddenly, they were volunteering to do homework, they would sit down, pick up one of their own books and ‘read through it, ask for help with the tough words, the tears, anger and resistance had stopped and they learned the joy of discovery. The freedom of expansion - self-confidence grew.
So, how important are books? And what about authors?  The right book, the right word smith, is a gift to lift us all ...
My kids are free and moving forward with a hunger for life as kids should, a hunger to learn, taking courage in their own lives from their fictional heroes’ examples and all because they fell under Carmel’s spell and they love Dani and Yatmi and the whole family of Dalry.
They are now using descriptive language, they are engaging with my horses again, they are dreaming big, their minds are exploring and expanding again.
These books have been healing and inspiring. How does a mum describe what that really means? A whole lifetime of hope! A burden lifted also...
My perspective is this, there is nothing more important for their future, and how they tackle it and enjoy it. We all have a special book we fell in love with that somehow changed us and made us more of 'ourself', our Best Self.
Danikah and Yatimah, both books so far, are those books for my boys. Everything has changed for them, for us. Bless you Carmel, with all of a mother’s heart!  Your words inspire and allow others to 'travel' to places they've never been and to think of bigger things than themselves... even to reconnect with intuition as your characters do, adding richness, meaning and colour to life... not "just" a character in a book.
Few people know what books really do... they lift the collective consciousness higher, but only some writers have the gift to do that. I personally rank you alongside my other heroine, Jane Austen.
Thank you dear lady, we are all eagerly awaiting the next chapters in the lives of Dani and Yatmi!
# I was so astounded by this amazing feedback I included the whole piece. Bless you and your boys dear Katy for realising where my heart lies and how vital it is for me to share the things I love and care deeply about. Carmel

80. D Dwyer - 2015 - 01-24  6.37

I have just completed your books and just have to tell you that I loved them very much. Reading the third book transported me right back to Egypt. It was so vivid in my mind especially since I holidayed there 3 years ago. I found them very hard to put down. I have to say I will miss Jessikah and her family. It is very obvious your love of these horses. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment that I had following the lives of everyone. I will miss these characters in my life. Thank you so much.

79. Glenys Drew - 2014 -12-26 12.39

Danika and Yatimah in a Race for Rain is another triumph for talented writer, Carmel Rowley. The story with its layered tensions will be adored by adults and children alike. It reminds that what we might learn from the intelligent, gentle and spirited Arabian horse may be limited only by our will to be still, observe and be taught! Also that winning or losing is incidental; but to preserve uncompromised integrity in anticipated and unanticipated situations is truly to win in ways that matter: a choice that lies in all of our hands. This is an intriguing and delightful read, once again. Thank you Carmel, what a talent; and your authenticity ever inspires! 

Dr. Glenys Drew, Director Coach Culture, Coach Communication, Queensland, Australia

78. Willa Frayser - 2014-11-7 10.51

Carmel - "Danika and Yatimah in a Race for Rain" is wonderful book, full of delightful details and so many little stories. I enjoyed what you wrote about "Kevin" and was also thrilled when Danika finally gets her dream stallion. I held my breath, and was with Danika as she rode Yatimah in the Blackall race, envisioning everything in my minds eye. Well done, Carmel, as wonderful as "Danika and Yatimah from Egypt to the Outback", you just get better and better! I am honoured and proud to be a part of these books.

Willa Frayser, Virginia USA, Equine Artist

77. Jessica Christensen - 2014-10-21 6.47

Danika and Yatimah in a Race for Rain is a beautiful story full of enriching imagery. I really enjoyed reading about some of Australia’s history and delving into mysteries with the interesting variety of characters. It was also refreshing to see the versatility of the Arabian showcased, illustrating that the Arabian is capable of anything. It is such an enjoyable and delightful series and is definitely worth the read.

76. Dale Waldron - 2014-10-20 2.46

Hi Carmel, I loved the new book 'Danika and Yatimah in a Race for Rain'. The story was wonderful, reminded me of my teenage years – dreaming of owning an Arabian, where my Arabian was great at everything. Our girls will love these books when that are bit older. Can’t wait for them to read and enjoy them also. Well done on another superb book. – it is so “Carmel”, which makes it unique and special.
Any horse loving child (or adult) for that matter will love this book! Congratulations again

75. Jenny Gallup-King - 2014-6-20 3.51

Oh Carmel - Consequences sounds my ultimate book! I loved your Daughters of the Wind series and having not read for many years was amazed at your talent in drawing us in and I just couldn't put them down! (still have to buy the last one!) To have a murder mystery as well as Arabian horses in the same book - well I can't imagine anything better! Absolutely love murder mysteries and is about all I watch on T.V.!
I must remember to check you out on here or Facebook more often. I don't see you in News Feed and only came across you on someone else's Timeline.

Good luck with the new As the Crow Flies and Consequences!

74. Patrice Shaw - 2014-6-20 1.51

Carmel, working with you on Winds of Time was a pleasure. You have a true gift for story telling. They say you should write about what you know and you know about Arabian horses, but also, about people, family and relationships which is evident through the characters in your stories. The messages you convey through your writing need to be heard, so keep writing.

regards Patrice Shaw, PS Editing

73. Sue Jones - 2014-6-11 5.39

Thank you Carmel for writing such enjoyable tales about Arabian horses and how this beautiful animal can become a part of the family. This trilogy teaches as well as entertains the reader and will help a new generation of Arabian horse breeders and owners to better understand this wonderful breed.

72. Mimi Gaffey - 2014-2-16 11.08

Dear Carmel,

Just wanted to tell you that I finally got the third book in The Daughters of The Wind Series and devoured it. Thank you so much for a wonderful story from start to finish, but more importantly pointing out, in a very nice way, some of the things that we need to correct in order to keep our beautiful horses true to their heritage.
I hope that you will write more books in the future about our wonderful Arabians.

Sincerely, Mimi Gaffey

71. Melanie A - 2013-11-14   8.47

I've just finished reading the third book in the "Daughters of the Wind" series. Even though I'm not a horse person, I found the books kept me enthalled with all of the twists and turns. I am amazed at how authors can jam pack so much into 1 to 3 books, as the case is here. I think anyone, horse lovers or not, would love these books, I know I certainly did! Plus it's based in my home town, that was wonderful!

70. Patrick Cassagne - 2013-09-18  11.30

Dear Mrs Carmel Rowley,

We were on holidays on the Gold Coast the sad month of February 2011. A month before my wife and I had left Libya -where I managed Al Kheir Stud for the General Al Khuwaldi - just a few days before the Civil war. For our third trip to Australia to visit our son we decided to meet on the Gold Coast.I asked him to call you to organize a visit to your farm. The rain started falling and you said it would be better to postpone but you said you would send me your book as to apologize for this delay. We were looking in shock at the dramatic TV reports.

2013 - This month of August, my son had to come to Europe and we met in France. Apologizing, he held out your book to me with your nice card inside. But you sent your book. I took it as a summer mate in Corsica where we go to spend holidays.
My English is not good enough to describe the unexpected surprise and pleasure your book installed in me. At first I expected a kind of Danielle Steel romance.Sorry.
Truly delicious moments - finesse of the reflection -subtlety of the analysis - the intrigue- everything was captivating and so suggestive.
Have you got in touch with some film makers or actors ? I have asked my son to order the following books.
Thank you so much.
Best regards

Patrick and Giovanna.

69. Marion Altieri - 2013-07-21  1.53

Carmel,it's a joy to have the opportunity to write about you and your profound love and knowledge of Arabian horses. Your writings reflect your equine attachment, in every word that comes forth from your fingers, heart and soul. :)

Marion - Everything Saratoga - USA

68. Leena Abdulla - 2013-07-11  1.25

Dear Carmel,
My good friend, Julie Curry of Macquarie Park presented me your books and I loved it the moment I started reading the 1st book. I just couldn't stop reading them. I am now finishing the last book of your series. Love your storyline!!! Any plans of publishing new books?
Btw, would love to visit you and your horses if I do have the chance to visit Queensland one day. Take care & keep writing!
Best regards,
Penang, Malaysia

67. Glenys Drew - 2013-06-02  4.18 

Dear Carmel,
I have finished reading Winds of Time and I absolutely loved it.
You have drawn an exciting plot and threaded it through with vigour and more than a little suspense. The vibrancy of the story matches that of the evocative, haunting Egyptian backdrop. You skilfully place us into the characters’ world and we care what happens to each of them. I think you have an uncommon insight into ‘the human condition’ to write as you do, and you culminate the trilogy powerfully and tenderly.
This book and series of books, in my opinion, stand up with quality in their genre anywhere internationally. I hope that you are justly recognised for these works, and for your gifts and drawing power as an author.

66. Ann Sibun - 2013-05.30  9.55

I finished the final book last night and I must say it was an excellent finale to the trilogy. I will miss all the characters and I could have read another book if there had been one. Well done Carmel Rowley

65. Kim Baird - 2013-05-20 12:52

Travelling through the ancient monuments of Egypt and bound up in the lives of Jessikah's family, this book was a mix of real life and fiction. Drama, crime and history played out in a magical place.
It's sad to see the end of the trilogy as I'd become so absorbed in the people's lives.
A brilliant mix of excitement and drama with the exquisite Arabian horse in amongst it all.
Can't wait to read your next novel's Carmel!

64. Robyne Matthews - 2013-05-03  9:05

What wonderful pictures you paint by the written word Carmel! I only get time to read before lights-out at bedtime, and on many occasions I was still reading hours later; I just had to know what was about to happen next and could not put the book down. Each of the three books in the series had the same effect, yet each one became even more thrilling than the previous.
I have had very little to do with horses of any breed, but after reading these three novels, I have gained a deep understanding and appreciation, not only of the Arabian horse, but the touching affection felt for them by their human companions.
Having read the books at separate periods, I now feel I would like to read them back to back as an ongoing saga. I have been excitedly recommending them to family and friends, so please keep writing Carmel; a wonderful talent would be lost if you don’t.

63. Sherry Fenton - 2013-04-06 6:06

Winds of Time was an epic finish to an amazing series of books. I knew how much I would enjoy reading Winds of Time so I reread Tails Carried High & Voices in the Wind beforehand. A wonderful descriptive story that truly made you feel like you could truly relate to the whole story and picture the amazing scenery and magnificent Arabian horses therein. Thank you & congratulations Carmel I hope we can look forward to enjoying more novels written by you in the future.

62. Lorry Wagner - 2013-02-18  3:13
Dear Carmel,
The books arrived. I have started reading "Winds of Time" and am having a hard time putting it down to do all my chores. Another wonderful book following this family. I love the way you have interwoven the real and existing problems of today's "modernizing" of our wonderful "ancient" breed into the on-going story of this family.
Warmest thanks for signing the books, sending same and now for the enjoyment I am experiencing in reading your 3rd book.
All best,

61. Greg Egan - 2013-02-13 12:13
Dear Carmel,
I wanted to tell you again how much I loved your three novels in the "Daughters Of The Wind" series.
From the first Tails Carried High I was totally drawn to the characters and events that lead to many surprises. Voices In The Wind was the ideal next journey, I love how you write about people and Arabian horses. THEN Winds Of Time, I thoroughly enjoyed the Egyptian story with the amazing family, the sagas, the love, the whole exciting journey. LOVED your Series, Thanks for the adventures with Jessikah, her friends, and family and the beautiful Arabian Horses,

60. Dale Waldron - 2013-01-25 10:48:04
Hi Carmel.
What a wonderful time I have had in egypt in my holidays. I may as well have been, as I felt like I was there reading Winds of Time. Thanks for the wonderful story in the series, you are now my favourite female author

Blessings to you
59. Amy - 2013-01-22 10:39:20
Love love love all of your books. Your blog is great to keep coming back to as well. xoxo
58. Cheryl O’Leary - 2013-01-21 11:55:23
Hi Carmel,
Well I tried really hard to stretch the book out to last a week, but I just couldn’t make it last that long, I finished it last night. You really nailed it this time. I think this one was the best of the three, I really enjoyed it so much. Don’t be worried about getting the Egypt stuff right, you got it absolutely right. As I was reading it, I was there with Jessica, I could feel that wounderous land as I was reading the words. You took me back to the EAO as if I was there, just as I felt I was there at Luxor and standing right beside the great pillars inside Abu Simbel. You described the horses perfectly, they are just so much different from the Arabian of the rest of the world. The Egyptian horses are the true drinkers of the wind, they have an aura about them that just tells you "this is my land and these are my people". Egypt The storey was perfect, and I got a bit teary at the end, knowing that I had to say goodbye to Jessica and Marc and the twins and Darley and Emma and Luc, they have become friends. Are you sure there won’t be any more stories about this family?????
Anyway, congratulations, the ’Daughters of the Wind ’ series is a great triumph for you, you should be so proud of what you have achieved.
57. Kathi McDonald - 2013-01-09 15:49:04
Dear Carmel,

I just finished reading my copy of Winds of Time and had to let you know how much I enjoyed it! I picked it up in the morning and just couldn’t put it down til I fininshed it in the wee hours of the following morning! I loved the suspense and mystery throughout, the unfolding of the story of Jessikah’s family, your wonderful evocative writing about that land of mystery, Egypt, and most of all the love of the Arabian horse that shone through every page! All Arabian horse people should feel this way about our magnificent breed! Mystery, romance and the Arabian horse, what more can anyone ask for! Thank you Carmel for you wonderful stories, I enjoyed all three Daughters of the Wind books immensely and I truly hope you will write more stories in the future! Thank you!
56. Mimi Gaffey - 2012-06-16 17:41:29
My name is Mimi Gaffey and I am Vice Director for Region One of The Arabian Horse Association in the U.S. I just devoured your two books"Tails Carried High" and "Voices in the Wind". I am anxiously awaiting the final book in this trilogy! You have captured the essence of the Arabian Horse and woven a wonderful story around them that made me not want to put the books down. Since I and my family were lucky enough to spend some extended time in your wonderful country, the way you described the Australian countryside made me want to get on a plane and head back there.
Thank you Carmel for two wonderful stories and for being so caring about our beautiful horses.
55. Pamela Hamilton - 2012-01-24 23:07:53
Absolutely loved ’Tails Carried High’. Being brought up with Pure Arabs, the book is captivating with the bond between owner and horse, of their type, history, background and so many things. All tied into a to romantic, suspense thriller, I struggled to put my Kindle down.
Await the next release!
54. JD - 2012-01-01 01:54:09
I loved loved LOVED the first book! Finished it in 2 days lol am buying the 2nd one asap! x
53. David Kentish - 2011-10-14 08:26:30
Carmel you have a wonderful gift! and you express yourself so elequently.
52. Clayton Rogers - 2011-07-05 11:09:32
Hi Carmel

What a pleasure to meet you and now have a personalised signed book. We have read your two books and are in the process of reading the childrens book to our 2 boys. Just the sense of good, clean adventures captures the boys imagination. We look forward to talking more in the years to come. PS - thanks for letting us visit your little patch of heaven.
51. Kylie Raines - 2011-06-01 05:25:50
Hi Carmel,

I ADORE tails, and I LOVE voices. I just cant not wait for book 3, this trilogy is one not to be missed. For anyone not just horse lovers, they are a fantastic read. Full of fun, adventure, and mystery. A cant put down book !
Love Kylie
50. Marian Duncan - 2011-05-20 11:45:13
Hi Carmel,
just read all your books! enjoyed all three, keep up the good work!
49. Sue Gray - 2011-03-11 12:30:37
I admire all your endevors and energy! One day I would love to read one of your books, a little later when time allows.
I do like your web-site.
48. robyn butson - 2011-03-06 08:07:47
Hi Carmel,
I just finished reading your new book on Danika and Yatimah.
I loved it, so well written, and the illustrations were beautiful. Look forward to next in series.
regards Robyn Butson.
47. Dale Waldron - 2011-01-31 06:22:37
Hi Carmel

Just finished reading Danika and Yatimah. A wonderful read.
Our Girls will certianly enjoy it when they are a bit older
It is probably going to be very hard to buy pretty grey mares now!.
The illustrations by Willa are just lovely too. Straight from my imagination.
It has remined me as to why I chose to breed the Arabian so I will have to bring my Yatimah (Shakira) in from the paddock and go riding again, as I haven’t ridden since Bethany was born.
Talk to you soon
46. Gaye Rowley - 2011-01-30 05:49:37
Hi Carmel, have just finished reading Voices and loved every bit of it. Can’t wait for the next one.
Love to you and Don, xx
45. Kathi McDonald - 2011-01-28 13:34:21
Dear Carmel - just had to say that we received our copy of Danika and Yatimah - from Egypt to the Outback, yesterday and I wanted to thank you so much for such a delightful book! I loved reading it myself, and look forward to enjoying it with my children, and especially my daughter, as they grow up! Already we are enjoying it together as I read bits to them, and I can’t wait till they are old enough to read it themselves! I am sure the book will inspire many little girls (and the odd boy too!) to dream of their own Arabian horse friend like Yatimah! Just wonderful, thank you so much. Willa’s illustrations are just lovely and perfectly set off the book - congrats to you both.
Cheers, Kathi.
44. Dale Waldron - 2011-01-17 00:47:13
Sorry Carmel - I need an editor too! Should have read
It didn’t "TAKE" long....not talk...

43. Dale Waldron - 2011-01-17 00:41:48
Hi Carmel

I have just finished reading "Voices" last night. What a wonderful read! It didn’t talk long to reconnect with the characters and to relate to the new characters too. Even though the book is fiction there is a lot of truth in some of the story lines regarding the wonderful Arabian breed. I commend you for addressing these issues. I loved the journey to Venice and France and look forward to learning about Egypt in the next installment. You are an inspiration and wonderful friend. It’s been a while since we have sat around your table with a cuppa, will have to do that soon.
Dale Waldron
Cearadale Arabians. Roma. Qld.
42. Kat Matrician - 2011-01-12 17:49:55
41. Sue Rowley - 2011-01-11 11:05:45
Hi Carmel, have just finished ’Voices’ and loved the story, can’t wait for the last instalment of this trilogy. Also loved your first childrens book, I’m sure many young readers will thoroughily enjoy the adventures that Danika and Yatimah have in the first of the ’As the Crow Flies’ series. I am definately buying a copy for our school library I can see it being in great demand with the many horse loving students at our school.
40. Liz van der lInde-Keep - 2011-01-10 10:22:00
Well I have just finished reading the second book in the ‘Daughters of the Wind’ series. I sat down just to read a few chapters but was so expertly drawn into the story I did not come back to reality until some hours later and the end of the book. I found tears running down my face when I went to Gussberg with Jessica’s family and felt deeply saddened and left wondering if this kind of behaviour was actually true in the International Arena. There were many chapters I smiled with joy and others I found paralleled my own sad and negative experiences. In that I found comfort knowing it seems to be endemic . These two books have renewed my passion for the Arabian horse and given me the boost I needed to forge forward with my ideals. Thank you Carmel for a wonderful read and a journey idealic. I look forward to the Egyptian chapter.. Liz van der Linde-Keep Lizton Park Arabians
39. margaret mary whitehouse - 2010-12-13 23:28:10
you are as good as dick francis cant wait for the next book after tails carried high and voices in the night great to see arabs in books and the true facts show people i own an aussie horse palissade who is the best show alround gelding in nz but he is also my best friend and safe and kind we only do 3 shows a year as he has nothing left to win woud love to take him to the auss nationals coud u please let me know when book 3 daughters in the wind will be out cant wait thanks Mary
38. Yolande - 2010-12-09 23:09:28
Hi Carmel, your books are amazing. I absolutley loved ’tails’ and then went straight on to read ’voices’ which i am 1/2 way through reading. My husband isn’t as impressed as once i start reading i can’t stop!! You have me guessing at every turn of the page what is going to happen next. Your writing places the reader right into the plot so vividly it’s as if you are watching it on tv. Keep up the great work.
37. mor shimshi - 2010-12-08 16:12:07
hi miss carmel rowley i am from israel i want to buy some book but i dont now what book to buy,can you help my to now my phone is 0507267476 my name is mor thanks and have a nice day!! sorry about my english...
36. Eileen Boorer - 2010-11-29 06:42:12
Dear Carmel,

Congratulation’s on another fab book "Voices"
I finished it all too quick!
Bring on book 3 and hopefully a much needing change in the way we show our beautiful Arabians.
What I brave lady your are to write about what we all know needs to change.

All the very best!
35. Tracey Lange - 2010-11-07 07:39:34
Dear Carmel,
How far off did you say book three was!? I’ve finished reading "Voices" and loved every word. The pictures your writing creates in my imagination when I read this book were amazing. It’s like I’m watching a movie in my head as I’m reading. I loved the story lines and where you’ve taken the characters. Well done! You should be so very proud of your work. Love and congratulations on another fantastic job. Tracey xo
34. Laura - 2010-10-26 04:50:17
Hi Carmel,
I have just finished reading "Tails" and had to tell you, I ABSOLUTELY loved it!!!
I couldn’t put it down & didn’t want to go to work so I could finish {I did go though, sigh!}.
Can’t wait for Voices to be released, I’m jumping up & down with anticipation!
Well done to you!
33. Jenny West - 2010-10-07 11:29:54
Hi Carmel. Was just looking at your page here and notice that you have two new books coming out soon. Looking forward to purchasing a copy of both of them. Hope they sell just as well as your first book.

All the best with it all.
32. Noni - 2010-08-11 11:48:56
Hi Carmel!
I have just finished reading your Tails Carried High book and I can honestly say it was... FANTASTIC!!! I loved it!
I own, breed and ride my own arabians, mostly for endurance riding and I’m so happy to see a book that entwines the beauty and mystique of arabians so perfectly as well as adding a very good story to it as well!
Cant wait for the next in your series!
31. Julie - 2010-08-10 01:47:40
Dear Carmel,
I received your book and read it in 24 hrs ! I was completely enthralled and couldnt put it down. It was brilliant.My 12 yr old daughter is about to enjoy it too ....I cannot wait to read the next saga !
Thank you
Julie Curry
Macquarie Park Arabians.
30. Silvia Wheeler - 2010-08-09 10:46:19
Hi Carmel,

I was so excited at receiving your book "Tails carried High". My friend Loretta knows how passionate I am about horses! Your book has already inspired me even before reading it. Following your dreams and passions takes vulnerability, believing in yourself and the gifts that God gave you; already I feel spurred on in following mine - thank you for giving me an injection of determinaation to believe that I too can do it. Tucking into the book this week. Take care, Silvia
29. Robyn Butson - 2010-07-30 08:08:28
Hi Carmel,
How is the next book coming along? Tails Carried High was a brilliant story, really looking forward to reading more. It is not easy to write a book and juggle between family and beautiful Arabians. Well done, keep writing.
28. Willa Frayser, Equine Artist - 2010-07-28 11:47:45
Carmel - what a wonderful story! I was so surprised and delighted by the twists in the story and the final outcome with Jessikah’s grandmother, Emma! In most stories, you kind of figure out how things are going to turn out before the end of the story, but I had no idea what the outcome turned out with some of the characters!! Great job!

Willa Frayser
Equine Artist
Richmond, Virginia USA
27. Robyn Butson - 2010-07-22 06:14:02
Hi Carmel,
I received your lovely book the other day, and it has absolutely captured me. I just can’t put it down, you truly have written such a wonderful book. Just amazing, I don’t know how you do it, as I can only write non fiction. Are the next two books along the same story line or
completely different.
Well time to get back to Tails, great book.
kind regards,
Robyn Butson.
26. mandy watson - 2010-06-08 08:30:55
I just want to thank you for taking me away to a wonderful world where I didn’t want to return!
Your first novel just had me wanting more, and getting so much more than expected!!!
This was the first book I’ve ever finished only to go straight back to the beginning and start again.
Carmel, I long for your next novel, as I so enjoyed being swept away with Jessikah and the likes that I truly have thought twice about my own aspirations and breeding programmes.
Maybe my tatoo of Pegasus on my my back with lead me towards a greater goal.
Thankyou, Carmel, your words and visions strike home.

Mandy xxxxxxxxxxxx
25. Lynda Sonter - 2010-05-30 01:59:43
Hello Carmel, i have finished reading the book and i just LOVED it.. i cant wait for the next one to come along..
Kind regards..

24. Vanessa W. Qld - 2010-05-21 05:24:12
What a book! Couldn’t put it down. Absolutely fantastic to be able to read an australian book that has beautiful arabian horses in it. With each page the plot thickens and the story takes another turn. Can’t wait for following books.
23. Loretta Waldron - 2010-05-05 23:22:08
Hi Carmel
Just finished reading your book. It was absolutely fantastic! I loved it and couldn’t put it down and the characters stayed with me for days. You are very creative and talented and you inspired me to keep following my own creative dreams. I’m really looking forward to reading Book 2.

Besh wishes
22. Carol Penn - 2010-05-04 07:14:34
Hi from Texas, USA! Can’t wait to read your book, the comments are amazing and make me want to get my hands on it even quicker! I’ll leave another comment after I get to read it! Thanks and take care!
21. Carlene Orr/Orr’s Arabia - 2010-04-25 19:18:55
Looking forward to getting your book. I think I might get a copy also for our High School Library if I like it.

Enjoy the horses.
20. Dale Waldron - 2010-04-23 05:55:18
Hi Carmel

You clever, clever girl! What can I say - Boy what a ride.
A great story with intrigue and mystery, romance and even a twist I didn’t see coming
A lovely addition to our library.
Congratulations Carmel on an excellent book, can’t wait for the MOVIE !!
Bring on the next installment

Best wishes
19. Jennifer Johnson - 2010-04-18 10:02:43
HI Carmel

I was so impressed with your book, that I decided to write a review for the Australian Arabian Horse News to help you to promote its success .
I don’t think that there would be an Arabian horse lover out there they could not relate to Jessikah’s life and have at one stage or another lived parts of that life and wished to live the rest of it.
I was transformed by the story as well as transported by my mind to another place and time. Very rarely has a book affected me so much.
Congratulations on a fantastic novel - cannot wait for the next one!

18. Fiona Henchman, NZ - 2010-04-10 22:20:40
Hi Carmel, reading the book for the second time, slowly, and enjoying every word. Cant wait for book number two. I hope it inspires other horse people to embrace the Arabian breed in all its beauty. So glad I have a georgous Stav son in my paddock, and long to meet you in person! You are a great writer, keep it up!
17. Kim Baird - 2010-03-29 10:11:34
Hi Carmel,

Have finished the book and loved it! No boring bits, I was entrenched from page one and couldn’t wait to read what happened next. i love the way it’s set in Australia so it’s easy to visualise and the people are also very Australian too. Can’t wait for the next book. Let me know as soon as it’s available.

Lots of love, Kim xxxx
16. Jenny West - 2010-03-15 08:14:47
Hi Carmel. Finished reading the first book in the series today. Wow the ending was not what I predicted. Great suspense right til the very last page. Looking forward to the second book later in the year. Love Jen.

I so felt the characters in the book. You deserve all the praise for your success.
15. denise marshall - 2010-03-12 07:01:56
hi carmel just loved your book and cant wait for the next one i have given one to some of my friends to read and they love it to
love denise
14. Leah Hepworth - 2010-02-25 05:22:19
Hi Carmel,
Thanks for such a wonderful book. I couldn’t put the book down. I cannot wait for the next installment in Jessi’s life.
Please keep on writing as you have keen horse lovers waiting for book 2. Thanks heaps
13. Cheryl Qld. - 2010-02-24 22:35:15
Hi Carmel,

Firstly congratulations on a wonderful book. Thanks for sending it so promptly. I read it in the first week, and am now reading it for a second time. I so enjoyed the story, but more importantly, it jogged my memory as to why we decided to breed the arabian horse. We’ve been a bit jaded lately.But your book made us both stop and think about the real reason for breeding this wonderful horse (I thank you for that as well). Rob read the book also and he very much enjoyed it. Once again thank you, and please let me know when the next one will be available.
12. Ronnie G from Victoria - 2010-02-18 07:08:57
I have enjoyed your book so much I cannot wait for the next one to be published. I started your book and at times I just couldn’t put it down... Very exciting I could just picture everything the way you described the run down property, the renos, the bickering, the jealousy (boy does that really happen) even to picturing Marc, even to the other characters.. I could imagine their faces. Doug seemed like a gentle man, there was so much excitement. For someone who doesn’t read alot I was very proud of myself, it was so good.
11. Linda Midgley - 2010-02-09 23:02:21

“Tails Carried High” really thrilled me.
I show Arabian Horses and the manner in which you write about these luxurious magnificent creatures and the heritage and genealogy of these beautiful structures is invigorating to me.
How wonderfully poetic this story is when describing the greatness of this harmonious free flowing mythical Pegasus coming to life before ones very eyes.
The depth of the story had me mesmerized and I could not put the book down.
I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story and found myself eagerly reading, anxious to see what the next chapter was going to reveal.
The jealousy and pretentious friendship became evident; yet a later generation emanates sincerity and prosperous good will leading to the real story behind the story.
Excitement filled me as I read; unexpected scenarios emerging when I turn the next page, even to the very end of the book my wits were surprised and nourished.
I am excited to read the next novel and I can’t wait for its publication.
Thank you so much Carmel for this truly excellent series

L Midgley
10. Mrs Lovey Manteit - 2010-02-07 02:30:59
Hi Carmel

I truly am grateful for your book.
How inspired I was as I read “Tails Carried High.”
This story evolves into a great mystery of learning, understanding and the art of staying true to oneself; true to what one believes, and the painstaking journey to find truth in what starts out as a promise made to a beloved mother into an overwhelming knowledge of something much more.
The characters are amazing and they come to life in my mind, the excitement, the suspense, the innocence. Questions of who is who? Guessing what and who played a part in the lives of those searching the truth.
The detailed description of scenes, places, landscape and décor was so real for me I could see them clearly as I read. An appreciation of much in life became clearer as I submersed this story in my mind.

I could not put this book down once I began to read, these characters became a part of my life, the understanding of each individual and the learning and understanding of the beautiful Arabian Horse brought a sense of overwhelming pride and dignity to me as a horse lover.

Thank you so much for an excellent novel and I anxiously wait for the next one to come out. Congratulations on your first novel, I am so excited to read the follow up of the magnificent “Daughters of the Wind” series.

Cheers and good writing always
From L Manteit of Qld Australia
9. Warena from Vic - 2010-02-02 02:12:06
carmel i received your book yesterday and could not put it down i finished it today and iam so excited i cannot
wait to give it to sue and janet tomorrow and let them fight over who reads it first i know that they will love it as
much as i did. what a beautiful story with your vast knowledge of the arabian mixed in to the plot
congratulations on a magnificent effort i wish you every sucess. regards warena
8. Lorry W from USA - 2010-01-29 00:05:31
Hi Carmel,

Just ordered a second copy of "Tails Carried High" to give to one of my very good friends. Great book.

Is there anyway to "pre" order your 2nd book in this series.
Lorry W
7. Leanne H from WA - 2010-01-29 00:02:54
Hi Carmel,

I have just finished reading your fabulous book – what a read. The characters, the Australian scenery and those wonderful Arabian Horses were brought life so vividly on the pages and I just can’t wait for the next instalment in the ‘Daughters of the Wind’ series. Your book has also made me appreciate the Egyptian Arabian horse just that bit more, mind you all Arabian Horses are special (that includes the derivatives too).
Once again – thank you.
Leanne H
6. Tracey L from Qld - 2010-01-29 00:01:06
I finished the book a week or so ago and what a read! I tried not to finish it all at once so I had something to read on the train, but once I got started again I just had to keep going to see what happens. I never would have picked the ending. Mystery and surprise right up to the last page. Being a big reader, I can say with confidence that it is extremely well written and as good as any book I’ve read by an established/known author. The time you’ve spent consumed with this dream of yours has been well worth it. It’s fabulous and I’ve no doubt the next books will be just as good. You should be so proud of yourself!!
5. Kathi McD from WA - 2010-01-28 23:59:12
Hi Carmel,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my copy of Tails Carried High the other day and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it - I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait for the next one now! Congratulations on a fantastic first novel, it was really great and I just loved it!
Visited your stud website again and also wanted to let you know that you have a truly lovely collection of Arabians - you really do have a whole bunch of fairytale Pegasus horses in your paddocks! Just lovely. Congrats!
Thanks again for a great read - keep them coming!
All the best,
4. Renata T - 2010-01-28 23:55:12
We’ve got your book this week. It’s great. Really very interesting! Thank you very much. Have a Happy New Year!
best wishes
Waldek, Renata, Janek, Maciek T
3. Janet L from Victoria - 2010-01-28 05:24:04
It’s Janet here, mum gave me your book to read yesterday and I have just finished reading it.
I couldn’t put it down, you have done such a wonderful job expressing the story and the magic of horses. I loved it.
As someone who is still going through her "horse" fase, I definitely felt your knowledge and passion coming through in the book.
I always know I am reading a good one when I am still in my p.j’s at 2pm after just finishing a book I picked up at 8am to read a few chapters.

Looking forward to the second installment.
2. Greg - 2010-01-28 04:45:15
Finished reading Tails Carried High by Carmel Rowley, it is a fabulous book, thoroughly enjoyed the whole story, could not put it down and am now sorry its over, will have to read it again. LOVED IT.
1. Amy - 2010-01-28 00:30:58
Congratulations on your International Sales!