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Together my husband Don and I have owned and bred purebred Arabian horses for forty years. The years of breeding combined shared triumphs, sorrows, and the forming of many long lasting friendships in both Australia and around the world.


Set in the world of the newly revamped Australian Arabian Racing scene Consequences mixes murder with mystery and horses. Again I touch on some delicate issues within the Arabian horse world. I hope you enjoy this trip to the Darling Downs in Queensland and Melbourne, Australia.


Although my focus has been around Consequences I must also announce the release of The Artful Arabian Horse Adult Colouring Book. The idea to design and draw an adult colouring book began as a simple whim but it wasn’t long before I went ahead with the idea and started to sketch. Luckily, the horses had been drawn previously (for my ceramic plates) because the designs around the horses took an eternal amount of time. With the continued encouragement of some terrific people the colouring book is now available.


"Carmel, What a great story. I loved Consequences and of course all your books. Looking forward to the next one. Proud to be a member of your fan club." - Val

"Received my colouring in book this morning and I love it. Thank you very much. The quotes also are a fantastic idea. I will enjoy this book very much." - Tania

Carmel,it's a joy to have the opportunity to write about you and your profound love and knowledge of Arabian horses. Your writings reflect your equine attachment, in every word that comes forth from your fingers, heart and soul. :)" - Marion

My Books

Books published by Carmel Rowley.

Tails Carried High

After her mother’s death, Jessikah Lloyd throws caution to the wind, leaving England in search of her family history in Queensland, Australia. As disturbing secrets are revealed, Jessikah learns that had her mother remained in Australia, she would have been the fourth generation in a long line of Arabian horse breeders.


Voices In The Wind

The persistent neighing of horses resonated on the soft wind. Was it a warning or a reminder for Jessikah to heed caution and remember the past?

Jessikah Lloyd is devoted to breeding Arabian horses. But a sequence of events, during the holiday of a lifetime, will alter her life forever. A mysterious incident in Venice is followed by the passion of the Palio in Siena.

At a major German Arabian horse show, events take a darker turn. Nothing can prepare Jessikah’s family for a deathbed revelation, linked to an old betrayal, or the traumatic events that follow.

Winds Of Time (3 part series)

Deep in the heart of the Arabian desert, a terrible secret lies hidden by the shifting sands …

On her Darling Downs Arabian horse stud, life for Jessikah Carey unfolds in a smooth and predictable way. That is until she receives a surprise invitation from her elderly aunt in Egypt. More like a summons than an invitation, Jessikah is intrigued yet troubled. Why after all this time is Aunt Athiia demanding to see her?


Murder, blackmail and broken promises ...

Popular television host, Danni Norris appears to have it all. But when a detective friend asks for help to unravel a mystery, surrounding a ten year old cold case, Danni finds herself deciphering more than a simple open and shut case of murder. Set on the Darling Downs, amidst 

Danika and Yatimah from Egypt to the Outback

Living in outback Australia on a vast cattle station, Yatimah is Danika's grey Arabian mare. Yatimah is the most beautiful and intelligent and the most loved horse on Dalry Station. To Danika, Yatimah is perfect. The first time Danika saw Yatimah she could hardly believe her eyes. Gleaming silver-grey against the red outback soil, Yatimah galloped into her life and stole her heart, beginning a special friendship. Little did Danika know-the finely made Arabian mare would prove to be as brave and true as her heritage suggested. Share in the beauty, fear, excitement, danger, fun, tears and friends, with the adventures of Danika and Yatimah.


Danika and Yatimah in a Race for Rain

Danika’s life has been turned upside down by the drought. With no alternative, her family are forced to leave Dalry to wander the stock routes, grazing their cattle on the long paddock.

While on the road, Danika decides to race Yatimah at the Quilpie show, this action sets in motion a series of cagey goings-on. At the same time, she’s determined to return home. 

With nothing to lose, she enters Yatimah in the Blackall races and accepts an invitation to compete in a final challenge. But this last race has an outcome no one would have imagined.

Carmel Rowley Book covers
The Artful Arabian Horse Adult Colouring Book

Anyone interested in the purebred Arabian and studies its history often looks to the early artists to understand the sought after characteristics of the ancient and noble breed. The Arabian horse is a phenomenon of nature and a masterpiece of design. While my colouring book is not designed to be a masterpiece, it is designed to give pleasure and provoke thought. The purebred Arabian horse is an enchanting treasure to the horse lover and as it is important to preserve objects of art the harmony of the Arabian horse must also be preserved. As the pages are coloured the wish is for reflection and the desire to know more about one of the world's most noble of horses.

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Carmel will be releasing her new book FRAMED in 2018.
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