To all my wonderful readers and friends …

What an incredible way to finish the year. I’m so excited to announce that Consequences is now released. 

Set in the world of the newly revamped Australian Arabian Racing scene Consequences mixes murder with mystery and horses. Again I touch on some delicate issues within the Arabian horse world. I hope you enjoy this trip to the Darling Downs in Queensland and Melbourne, Australia.

Although my focus has been around Consequences I must also announce the release of The Artful Arabian Horse Adult Colouring Book. The idea to design and draw an adult colouring book began as a simple whim but it wasn’t long before I went ahead with the idea and started to sketch. Luckily, the horses had been drawn previously (for my ceramic plates) because the designs around the horses took an eternal amount of time. With the continued encouragement of some terrific people the colouring book is now available.

Finally, I must stress how grateful I am for all your caring emails, Facebook posts, Google Plus one’s and LinkedIn endorsements, as well as the comments on my Blog. Your feedback has been heartfelt and generous. I’m immensely grateful that you love my books.

I truly believe reading is by far the most successful pursuit of happiness. My sincere thanks and as always I wish you all joy and happiness.

Carmel xx