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This week has been one of those weeks! One day after another full of ‘situations’ that I struggled to pull together. Whew! The week ended with most of what I needed to do done but some things didn’t get done. So am I worried? No… well at least not today… Today I’m dreaming I can do anything!


– Walt Disney –

Coping with Over-Whelm

Adapted from – Coping with Over-WhelmWritten & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD
Visit Philip Humbert’s website at: to read the full version.

Every one has far more to do than anyone can accomplish in the time available. We all have marketing and research to do, meetings to attend, people to supervise or a website to build. It’s easy to feel over-whelmed.

What’s a person to do? It is so easy to become over-whelmed and have the feeling that it’s “too much,” or that you “can’t do it all.”

Winners, on the other hand, accept reality. Of course you can’t do it all! No one could! That’s the way life is.

Winners employ three simple steps, and I highly recommend them.

1. They say, No! They understand that some of the have-to’s are simply unrealistic and they say no, even if it would be “nice” if they could do them. Some of the things on any manager’s list simply won’t get done, at least not today. Delegate or out-source as many things as you can. When necessary, just say No.

2. They Sequence. This is another word for prioritizing. A few things must be done now, or soon. Others must be done, but can wait until tomorrow or next week, perhaps even until next year. Do the things of most importance, leave everything else until it’s turn.

3. They Focus. Successful leaders do one thing at a time and each individual item, at that critical moment, gets their full attention.

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