Day 4 Queensland Writers Week in Toowoomba.

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Day 4 Queensland Writers Week in Toowoomba.

I’m in the HOT SEAT!

Photograph Emma McTaggart

Thursday 13th was my day to take the ‘HOT SEAT’ – so as 2 p.m. loomed I crossed my fingers that I would have an audience. After a slow start, eventually a neat group of nine gathered around to discuss things like Print on Demand, Digital Printing, why it took so long to write ‘Tails Carried High’ and why I began the story! (A conclusion that I really couldn’t seem to come too!) But most of all they were kind enough to listen to my effusive accolades about the Arabian horse and my determined women characters.

Here I must say this type of event is just what’s needed for Independent Publishers in Toowoomba. I know how appreciative authors are to have a chance to show case and share their work and to also generate some goodwill towards one another.

Toowoomba writers and authors

Photograph Emma McTaggart

Writers often have lives of solitude, I know I probably spend more time with my fictional characters these days than real life people. So it’s comforting to know other writers are the same. By sharing experiences authors can learn things like managing routine, where their inspiration comes from and even promotion techniques. In a way it assists us all to place another piece of the writing and publishing jigsaw puzzle into place. We must work together because I believe nothing good can be achieved alone.

It was fun to connect with such a lovely group of people as I spoke about how I have arrived at where I am in my writing journey.

Now I must thank author and chairperson extraordinaire Emma McTaggart for organising such a fabulous event. Also a huge thank you to Leanne the store manager of Mary Ryan’s bookstore in Toowoomba for making the bookstore venue available. A perfect venue.

PS. I have attended two other author ‘Hot Seat’ sessions and I will blog about them tomorrow.

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