Why Do I Love to Read?

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Why Do I Love to Read?

Although I can’t imagine my own life without books I do have friends who don’t read novels. They read magazines about horses, fashion, beautiful homes or non-fiction books, but are not really into fiction. Often they ignore the fact that fiction can be based on fact and that there’s a staggering amount of research to explain something in a single paragraph.

For me, reading is as important as breathing. So how do you explain this addiction or love of always having a book to read. Again for me as a child it was to escape into another world. Often this world was full of lucky children with ponies who rode and groomed their way to wonderful friendships and an occasional adventure.

It’s incredibly exciting to inhabit someone else’s life and that’s what you do when you read a book. If you’re going through tough times a book can offer you an escape taking away time and space limitations. You can go back in time or visit the future, the writers imagination is limitless. You can experience the horror of war, travel to exotic locations, ride a race horse or even ride the black stallion down the island beach with your arms flung wide. You learn about history, different countries cultures, legend and life, you laugh and sometimes cry with the characters. All this comes from reading fiction. I’ve heard said reading is a form of meditation and I know it centres me and takes away stress as I jump into the story and forget everything else around me.

But I think reading gives my own life meaning. I believe that when an author writes a book, he or she does it because they want to share something meaningful about how people inhabit the world. These days the world appears to be focused on a serious self, less sense of humour, often laughter and happiness, appear quite random. So it’s wonderful to have the world of books as an escape. The excitement of opening the cover and beginning chapter one fills you full of expectation.

I can’t finish until I mention that although we all love holding a paper book in our hands, there are some very valid reasons for e-books gaining popularity in the marketplace. Some of you will remember when movies were first released on video-tape, everyone started to say that all the movie theatres will close down. Just as movie theatres have continued to draw people who love the movie theatre experience, there are also those who also enjoy the option of streaming movies directly to their televisions. There is plenty of room for both, the beloved print book does not have to compete with the e-book for the ‘I love you best’ award. How perfect to have both. The good thing about having both is that it gives both authors and readers more choice and more opportunities! Plus as the absolute power once held by publishing houses and literary agents continues to shift, I see this change as a positive direction for all.
Maybe you read books for an entirely different reason. I would love to hear so if you would like to make a comment and I will add it with your name to the bottom of this blog.

Keza Lancaster Could not imagine my life without books either! Entertaining, relaxation, thought provoking, education, fantasy, boredom busters and conversation starters.

Words and Photograph Carmel Rowley

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