Do you have a horse who is very like you in personality?

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On Arabian horse intelligence… words Carmel Rowley

Do you have a horse who is very like you in personality?

I know I tend to go on about the wonderful character, intelligence and beauty of the Arabian horse. But aside from beauty have you ever thought that your horse sometimes knows what you are thinking before you do.

Stavs Sorsha 

I’ve blogged before about the way horses emotions can parallel human feelings. In fact, a lady I was speaking too at Equitana in Melbourne 2010 told me Sorsha is me! I was fascinated by this and pressed her to explain. She said Sorsha’s character is just like mine and to be honest, when I thought about it, I realised her personality – was like mine. She can shift from being agreeable to grumpy in a flash – just like me! She would dance around on the end of the lead with the sheer love of life just as I dance around when great things happen.  She has a strong sense of empathy and appears to worry about her friends – just like me …

With all this mixing around in my head I asked my husband Don, if he were to choose any horse we have owned or bred, alive or passed on, which one is most like him? He chose Simeon Sima.

Simeon Sima – Don

He said she was a really laid back mare, agreeable, calm and it takes A LOT to have her lose her temper or misbehave. But when she does it’s a little scary. That is exactly like Don!

I also rang a friend Gregory Egan  and asked him the same question. Greg said he would be Simeon Safsal. He told me Saf has a good personality and is very funny. I have to admit that’s just like Greg!

Simeon Safsal – Greg

So who are you? Do you have a horse who is  like you in personality. If you’d like to share – I would love to hear…

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  1. Jenny Gallup-King
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    Yes, Carmel, you and Sorsha certainly look alike – those gorgeous big eyes! Can’t comment on personality but one day we will meet!

  2. Carmel
    | Reply

    Jenny you’re balm to the soul of an oldish girl;-) I hope we do meet sooner rather than later.

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