Raoul Millais (1901–1999) for Art Day

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Raoul Millais (1901–1999) for Art Day

Raoul Millais-Two horses with grooms and a spaniel in a landscape

As I used one of Raoul Millias paintings ‘The start of the Horse Race’ in an earlier blog this week I thought it might be nice to feature some of  his glorious paintings for Art Day.

His work captures the bold spirit of wild horses, the gentle curiousness of the mares with foals and the expectation of the horses out on a walk with their grooms. I especially love the four handsome horses pulling the stage coach.

Raoul Millais- ‘Mcdougald family in stagecoach’

Hesketh Raoul Lejarderay Millais (1901–1999), usually known as Raoul or ‘Liony’ Millais was a portrait painter, equestrian artist and sportsman. He was the grandson of Sir John Everett Millais and the son of John Guille Millais and from them he inherited both his artistic talent and his love of animals and of hunting.

Raoul Millais – ‘Wild horses in a landscape’

His father, John Guille Millais, was an artist, soldier, naturalist, hunter, writer and explorer. Raoul followed his father in each of these roles. He is best known for his equestrian paintings and for his Spanish work, created when he accompanied Ernest Hemingway. Like his friend Alfred Munnings, Millais was an opponent of Modernism in art, which he called “the Picasso lark”.

Raoul Millais – ‘Mares and foals in a paddock’

He died in 1999 in his 99th year in Oxfordshire, England

Infomation – http://en.wikipedia.org

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    someone please direct me to an photograph or portrait of the great man himself!
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    leave the track here if possible?

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