At last! A book three of the ‘Daughters of the Wind’ series update. “WINDS OF TIME”

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At last!  A book three of the ‘Daughters of the Wind’ series update. “WINDS OF TIME”

Yes, book three has a title “WINDS OF TIME” at last I can share this with you. The book trailer will be uploaded in December and the Cover revealed at the same time.

There’s a saying that luck is like a chameleon. Give it a little time and it will surely change. I’m holding extra tight to this thought. Christmas is looming and I’m sighing with frustration knowing the release of “WINDS OF TIME” has the narrowest of margins to make it back from the printer in ample time for Christmas. What a year of drama’s it’s been! If I was my character Jessikah I would insist the fates were conspiring against me!

Right now I have a very strong sense of ‘deja-vu’. I’ve been where I am now three times and although these days I have a pretty good idea about what’s supposed to be happening, it appears I cannot avoid the fact that being an independent/self publisher is a huge job. To have everything fall into place as it should sometimes feels as if I’m asking just a little too much. But, I’m a never say die sort of person so I tell myself to get over the worries and push on.

However, my website is being made ready for a pre-order/purchase release. I’ll announce when it’s ready to go. Then anyone who may wish to do so can purchase a copy of “Winds of Time” and as soon as the books arrive the copy/copies will be immediately  dispatched. Anyone making a pre-order/purchase will be emailed a delightful personalised card to print out and place under the Christmas tree if it was to be a Christmas gift.

Just as breeding Arabian horses was and still is, a labour of love so is my writing journey. I’ve a special place in my heart for my Daughters of the Wind series and particularly this final novel. The family story is concluded and circle complete. From now on I’ll do a weekly Blog updating you on how things are moving along.

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  1. Jenny Gallup-King
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    Woohoo! So excited!

  2. Carmel
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    Love your excitement Jenny, thank you. xx

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