Today is a celebration of an endless sapphire sky …

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Today is a celebration of an endless sapphire sky …


The beautiful Queensland sky today!

How can you not appreciate where you live when you look out on endless sapphire skies, a multitude of extraordinary wildlife and the joy of living with Arabian horses. The above photograph was taken this morning looking west, a perfect shot to capture good times and focus on the importance of peace and harmony.


An excerpt from Tails Carried High“The weeks flew by. The sunny weather made Jessikah forget the miserable, overcast days of London. Most days she woke to soft, misty predawn light, which cleared to mornings of blinding sunshine. Her favourite time was when the sun dipped below the horizon, ending the day with vivid reddish, orange hues and gilded clouds. Each day was a photographer’s dream. Even though she spent much of her day indoors writing the article, she made an effort to revel in the sunshine and cool off down in the creek.

As the article grew in size, Jessikah became determined not to waste a sentence, even if it meant the finished piece would have to be published in several parts. Doug proved an enormous help, acquainting her with not only the better known horses, but also with several lesser known breeding programs he considered important enough to profile. She went each week to Grandeur to go through her latest instalments with Doug, in case her horse terms and facts were incorrect.
When she parked her newly purchased four-wheel drive at the top of Grandeur’s driveway. Jessikah thought the property was at its best. The mid-morning breeze whispered through the jacaranda trees, lifting and swaying the canopies of green and mauve, reminding Jessikah of a swell nudging the sea. She reached for her camera, focused and took several frames, losing herself in the moment and allowing the peace and quiet to envelop her.
Eventually, she drove to the visitors parking area. Calling Doug’s name, she walked into the barn beside the house.
‘Is anyone here?’ she called. ‘Doug, it’s Jessikah Lloyd.’
‘Down here’, a muffled cry came from the end of the barn. Jessikah hurried down the breezeway, then gasped with delight as she peered over the stable door.
‘Oh, my goodness. Isn’t it adorable’, she cried.
Doug was standing with a towel in his hands, rubbing a newborn foal. At the sound of Jessikah’s voice, the mare, lying in the straw, lifted her head and nickered. She trusted Doug, allowing him to care for her newborn while she regained her strength. Jessikah smiled as she watched the foal squirming in Doug’s arms. It needed to try out its long, wobbly legs.
‘What do you think of her?’ asked Doug.
‘A miracle. She reminds me of the colt from my first visit.’
Doug nodded his approval. ‘The same daddy, you know.’
‘Typical male’, Jessikah teased. ‘Don’t forget about her gorgeous mummy.’
Doug’s eyes looked up and stared into her face…”



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