Jangharm Arabians Open Day

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Jangharm Arabians Open Day


Richard and Jadaan Al Shaqab

Spring is now upon us, blossoms are bursting, skies are clear, baby birds can be heard demanding food and joy of joys the mares are beginning to foal. Breeders are searching for an ideal stallion to bred to their mares and with the winter days behind us it’s time  to venture out and catch up with fellow enthusiasts.


There’s no better way to share ones enthusiasm than attending Open Days and that’s exactly what I did on Saturday. Jangharm Arabians www.jangharmarabians.com.au held a special Open Day to introduce Queenslanders’ to the Qatar bred stallion Jadaan Al Shaqab. On loan from Qatar’s, Al Shaqab stud, it’s Jaddan’s first public showing outside his home country and he didn’t disappoint. His flair and beautiful Arabian face delighted the crowd.



The Jangharm stud also presented their Australian Champion grey homebred stallion Baranski and the Forrest Hill bred bay Fayt under saddle. Baranski is one of the most versatile stallions around and he looked fabulous all tacked up in his western gear.



Fayt did his rider proud working enthusiastically and I imagine he will have a successful future in dressage or hacking.



The youngsters paraded showed themselves proudly and it was a treat to see one of my favourites Eskdale Madeline Rose by Baranski, with a female line to Wild Rose tracing back to some wonderful old polish bloodlines.

Carmel and Chris-1503

Winner of a copy of “Winds of Time” the lucky gate prize – Chris Hornby

Although the day was primarily about the horses I have to make mention that the Jangharm Days are a true testament to the dedication of Marion and Tom Sharman, breeders of Arabian horses for over 65 years. More importantly it was a delight to see a strong Sharman family unit working together to make the day a huge success. There was a clear sense of belonging, their enjoyment in sharing wonderful horses with others was infectious and obvious to all their guests.


Two ladies I admire, Glenys Drew and Marion Sharman

My sincere thanks to the Sharman family for allowing me to showcase my books. I’m over the moon that Marion loves the Daughters of the Wind series so very much. What a sensational day. I caught up with and reunited with, past and present friends, talked horses and books, with lots of laughter and fun. I don’t take myself too seriously. To the supporters of my writing ‘THANK YOU’ without you there would be no way I would be able to continue writing my stories.

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  1. Jenny Gallup-King
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    What a shame i missed this. I met Marion yesterday and she told me that they had a wonderfull turnbout. I really should keep buying the AHN & Express to keep up with whats going on!

  2. Jenny Gallup-King
    | Reply

    That was supposed to be turn out, not turnbout!

  3. Carmel
    | Reply

    The Jangharm day was fabulous Jenny. There was indeed an amazing number of people and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I think open days are the best way to enjoy our horses. Marion is also such an amazing supporter of my books and I was very grateful to the Sharman family for giving me the opportunity to display my books. Jenny make sure you ‘like’ the Facebook pages of the farms you admire and follow then you will likely get notifications of what’s happening.

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