Magic Moments

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Magic Moments


Isn’t it wonderful to begin a new year and discover new energy, enthusiasm and passion for what we do? A new year is also the perfect opportunity for change. We can make a pact with ourselves to focus on getting the most out of this life we live. To unlock our potential and to make new and better choices as we walk the path to loving what we do and doing what we love.


Every evening as I walk down the hill to our barn I look around me and realise this very simple exercise is one of the things I truly love to do. I pause in the breezeway to admire the two young mares who greet me with loud, enthusiastic whinnies. It’s the same every day. What a performance for such a tiny morsel of hay!


I take a handful of grain from the feed shed and wander down the laneway. The oldest mares are waiting at the gate with their heads high and eyes unblinking as they watch my every move. They love their stables and are always anxious to go up to bed. All four mares know I bring a treat but it’s always Shaina who has the first mouthful, Sarah stands back waiting patiently for her grumpy paddock mate to be satisfied. I’m always full of love for Sarah; she is the soul of the Universe.


Until I reach their paddock the other two, Sima and Sorsha are still grazing. Once I’m at the gate they make their way to me. Who will get the first mouthful of grain? They have to argue about this most days. It’s usually the one closest to the latch on the gate so there’s some juggling of positions, some pinning of ears and lifting of hind legs until one begrudgingly moves aside.
Two by two they’re led up to bed, Shaina and Sarah then Sorsha and Sima.


For me this time of day is magical; the setting sun reflects across their white backs and glints in their big brown eyes. This is the path of love, no one else exists and my motivation is about their reciprocation of my feelings. How can a price be put on such devotion?

SorshaDixieMattMar08 (2)3

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, so to celebrate the New Year I went through my photographs of several visitors to our stud Pearsons View Arabians. Most are from years ago. They are so poignant, a reverent touch of a hand, the abandoned joy of laughter and the realisation of sharing a special moment.



 Happy New Year

‘By being yourselfyou put something wonderful in the world that was not there before’

— Edwin Elliot



All photographs copyright Carmel Rowley

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  1. Carmel
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    Dear Carmel,
    What a great Blog, I love all the photos and your story about horses in our lives is wonderful, a great way to begin a New Year of blogging.

  2. Carmel
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    I put up your comment and as always thank you so much for your support. I’m not sure why the comment wouldn’t show for you. I am so thrilled you enjoyed my thoughts. So many of us love the simple things we do with our horses. I thought the words appropriate.
    Thank you again.

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