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There are many aspects about pursuing a dream that makes you wonder about your sanity. Sane or insane a basic life philosophy tells us ‘what you put into life, you get back’. This viewpoint can be applied to most of the things we do. Whether it’s writing, gardening, art or breeding Arabian horses, from personal experience, I know that people put enormous effort into learning about what they love. Horse breeders study pedigrees, conformation, preparing horses for the show ring, training as well as a multitude of other horse associated tasks. It’s easy to notice that all who have a dream are focused on their chosen goal while on the road to success. This is why it’s an interesting exercise to ask people why they have chosen to pursue their chosen dream.


Consequences is book number six and I still ask will I ever learn?

Sometimes the response is slow and thoughtful but on further questioning often the enthusiasm and passion comes bubbling to the surface. Enthusiasm like hysteria is infectious, and in a perfect world when coupled with positive energy, happiness and doing what you love should be recipe for a blissful life! If only it was that easy! Continued positive energy, enthusiasm and happiness can be hard to conjure when associated with the tedious day to day hard work of operating a horse stud, a painting that won’t behave, plants that don’t thrive or words that simply won’t come.

Book number one. Naive and full of enthusiasm.

We all realise that enthusiasm lifts the spirit and gives energy, but when patience is tested so is enthusiasm. I remember as breeders the questions constantly asked.  After three colts. Will I get a filly – this time? Which stallion is the ideal mating for a champion filly? Should I show my horses, should I ride my horses? Where did that conformation come from? As a writer I now hope against all else that people will love my stories.


Glorious Soura Sihr – knowing the direction we’re going.

I know for sure that no matter what you do there’s no substitute for good research. And learning about the pitfalls is as important as the accolades. Is it time to turn on that enthusiasm motor and begin to draw on basic energy – the kind that comes from nature’s beauty and the flow of creativity. Is it time to focus on the affirmative because if you concentrate on failure and disappointment that’s generally what you receive. It’s entirely up to the individual to recognize life’s lessons and then strike out towards another opportunity.

How many horse breeders have stood beside their horses closed their eyes and looked at them through their fingertips? Tracing the small pointed ears, sliding down the broad forehead into the slight indent above the eye cage, cupping the eye and feeling it slowly close relaxed as eyelashes tickle your palm. Slide your fingertips around the large jowl then across and down the structure of the tear bone onto the velvet soft muzzle and finally around the nostrils. This exercise is perfect when everything feels just too hard, it immediately boosts the spirit and revives enthusiasm.

CardStavFor Card (2)

Simeon Stav a face to make the stars brighter and your heart sing …

How many writers take time to stop, sit under a tree, look skyward and describe the canopy of limbs and leaves above them? How many artists close their eyes and pick up a brush or pencil and draw what’s in their mind’s eye?


A test of creativity but so much fun -Adult Colouring Book

On this creative journey there are times when our dream pursuit can  nearly have us teetering on the edge of insanity, it is after all hard work, but when is anything worthwhile easy. If sanity can be retained and if the outside elements and inner peace be balanced with the spiritual, social, and the sheer physical beauty of nature, it’s probably as close as anyone could get to the Garden of Eden.



Updated version of Point of View originally written for the Arabian Horse Express August-September 2003 Vink Publishing

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