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Sunday Quote of the Week


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-Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993)

Every cell in our body is different from the ones a few years ago. They are completely new, all the old me gone. Except the one unique thing we call our thoughts…

We all know our thoughts are creative and an occasional idle negative thought doesn’t make very much difference in our lives. But I read in one of my many motivational books that thoughts are like drops of water, they accumulate over time.

If we rethink the same thoughts continuously, they grow, so a drop becomes a puddle, and eventually the drops become an ocean. If they are positive thoughts, we can float on an ocean of life. If they are destructive and negative thoughts, we can drown in an ocean of negativity.

So when you wake up every morning you should remember to say: “I approve of myself and I easily choose the thoughts that nourish me.”

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