It’s Inspiration Friday-Do actions speak louder than words?

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It’s Inspiration Friday-Do actions speak louder than words?
Author Carmel Rowley

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.” ~Lewis Cass

Do your actions speak louder than words?  This week, as I wind up yet another draft of my latest book my mind has buzzed with questions. Do my characters believe actions, speak louder than words? The people around you see what you do, and if it doesn’t correspond with what you say, then you’ve immediately lost their trust, their admiration, and their willingness to follow. And worst yet, your words have lost their meaning and value.

What effect would that have on your business?

Your friends?

Your family?

Whether we are leaders in our homes or leaders elsewhere, we have to model behaviour that is consistent with our values.

I remember my grandmother telling me that we should always consider our priorities, beliefs and values. They cannot be swept under the rug. They must be lived.

What values do you profess? Putting clients first? Treating friendships with respect? What important values do you uphold as a family? Is kindness to others important to you? What about integrity? And making an effort to do what’s right?

Take a few moments and think about your actions over the last week. Are you living out what you claim to hold important? It’s a tough question we should all take time to consider. We are, after all, human. We all often become distracted or unfocused. What’s important, though, is that we recognise our behaviour, and then commit to making the necessary changes to get back on track.

Support what you say. Let your actions do the speaking, because they’re what people take notice of anyway. Remember that we all have to learn to live our priorities, beliefs and values. Personal integrity is only possible when we are fully aligned to our values and they shine through in everything we do.

I think I’ve made up my mind. But not all my characters will agree …


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