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Simit MH

I turned on the computer this morning and was greeted by some of the most glorious images of a young straight Egyptian filly called Simit MH. As you would imagine I smiled, and I immediately visualised my week full of nature’s beauty.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

We live in a world where everyone is busy. Sadly, I rarely receive a phone call these days usually it’s an email or a text. Once upon a time I spoke for hours to friends, catching up on everything in their lives. Sharing the good, the sad and knowing by the tone of their voices how they were feeling. Today everyone appears to be going places quickly but even though they appear to be getting things done they don’t appear to have time to have real conversations. I wonder how this will impact creative thinking in the future? If there is no time for friends does it mean they are not paying attention to the beauty and the curiosity that makes life worthwhile.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

There’s beauty all around us. It could be in the glowing crimson sunset. Or could it be the scrunch of Autumn leaves under your feet. Life is full of beauty, and as the great philosophers said, you become what you think about. Your life is in your hands to choose the influences that you surround yourself with.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don’t know exactly what represents beauty in everyone’s world, but I imagine every day most of you will notice a flower, the sea, a tree, a bird or like me a glorious horse that made my heart race by her athletic beauty. Open your eyes and look around you, open your ears, listen and communicate. Your mind is an exceptional tool.


Simit MH ( Gazardiel El Dine x Stavs Simbel) was bred and owned by Myth Haven Arabian Farm, NSW Australia

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  1. Lynne Lloyd
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    Love your choice of poets and their quotations; they are all favourites of mine too. Yes, we all need to stop and smell and roses and to take in the beauty in the small details all around us. My favourite animal is the horse because they are so beautiful and strong and have been so crucial in helping us humans to survive – behind the plough, pulling the stage coaches and transporting us from place to place. We haven’t always treated our horses with kindness and respect as a majestic sentient creature. The Arabian horse is the most beautiful of all, perhaps some would argue with me on this choice but I’m certain you would not, Carmel.

    • Carmel
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      I certainly agree Lynne, so well put. Love your reply, thank you.

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