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How does one travel from a desire to achieve something worthwhile to actually accomplishing it?
I was thinking, if someone gazed into a crystal ball during the middle 1970’s and told me all I would achieve and enjoy over the next forty years I would have stared at them in disbelief. And when I thought about these years again I remembered it was always an ongoing goal to find something I truly liked or loved to do.

Now I can look back and easily see how my life progressed through each stage of those years, the good, bad and the extra bad. Again now I recognise how important it was to take notice of role models and to accept honest encouragement from mentors.
There’s nothing more rewarding than being given or asked to offer your opinion, to mentor or offer guidance to friends and colleagues. Back all those years ago I considered many of the great philosophers as my mentors, their ideas and motivational strategies still inspire me every day.

Over time there have been a handful of people who encouraged my success. The first person I remember looking up to was my grandmother and during the forty years of breeding Arabian horses I’ve also considered several successful breeders as mentors. I’m fortunate to have a couple of like minded breeders who remain close and loyal friends.
Interestingly, when I began to write and publish my books several friends unfailingly encouraged and supported this daunting episode of my life.

I often wondered what I would do if any of these people suddenly disappeared from my life. Sadly, in recent years some have drifted away, while others lost brave health battles.
There have been times when I have had to find the energy to regroup and power forward. It took some time to learn to quiet that persistent internal voice. It was when I read a Hindu legend in a book by Barry J. Farber that reminded me of one mentor and supporter that’s always around when needed. A mentor I can count on when no one else is available and a person who can decide what’s best for me.
You may have already guessed it! That mentor, is me.

Every day on social media or the television you an hardly escape life’s problems. If only the strength and energy in people was the focus – the incredible people who look inside themselves and come out stronger for it. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that we all possess an innate desire and determination to keep going. I believe if we hold firm to our beliefs, good thoughts and loving hearts, we can achieve our greatest dreams. We only have to be determined enough to look deep enough.

I thought it appropriate to share the Hindu legend because it shows how important it is to invest in your mind and learn to be your own mentor.

The Greatest Mentor.
“A Hindu legend says that once upon the earth, all people were gods. The people, however, ignored their divine spirits, sinned, and abused their powers. Brahma, who was the god of all gods, sadly decided that this divine spirit should be taken away from mankind and stored in a place so obscure that no one would find it and abuse it again.
One of Brahma’s gods advised that he hide it beneath the earth. Brahma disagreed because, he said, man would eventually dig deep enough to uncover it. Another god suggested that they sink it down to the bottom of the deepest ocean. Brahma again disagreed, saying that eventually man would learn to dive deep enough to discover it.

A third god suggested they carry it up to the highest mountaintop. “No” said Brahma, “for someday man will climb even the highest mountain on earth and find again the divine spirit. The other gods were at a loss and had no more suggestions. “There is nowhere else to hide it where man cannot find it,” they said.

“Yes, there is,” sighed Brahma. “We will hide it deep within the man himself. He will never think to look for it there.” And ever since then, man has been digging beneath the earth, diving into the ocean, and climbing the highest mountains looking for what is hidden deep within himself.”

I certainly don’t need a crystal ball these days to recognise the importance of all the people, books, tools, and techniques that I searched for help. And even though we may have help around us, it’s ultimately our inner strength that will assist us to succeed, especially in hard times.

“The one thing you’ve got going for you – the one thing you own free and clear – is your mind. Don’t take it for granted. It’s your best asset in life.” – Barry J. Farber

Adapted from one of my favourite books, ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ by Barry J. Farber

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