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Gregory Egan and Simeon Shaina

For me personally breeding Arabian horses has mostly been about lifestyle. So, what does lifestyle mean? It appears lifestyle is expressed in work and leisure, behaviour patterns and on an individual basis in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and income. It also reflects people’s self-image or self-concept; the way they see themselves and how they are seen by the others. Combine all the above with the Arabian horse and you can add beauty, enthusiasm, inspiration and friendship, while working to preserve a remarkable breed.

For us, as the decades flew by, many people come into and moved out of our life but to our delight, a breeder came into our busy routine who possessed an uncannily similar vision to our own.
I believe, to maintain a successful breeding program, education is the tool. What is better than having people around you with similar goals and aspirations, transferring knowledge and promoting good practices. It’s also an effective way to develop new leaders. Many breeders love sharing knowledge – you only have to ask. For us a couple of decades ago Gregory Egan of Myth Haven Arabian Farm actually asked us.

Over this time there were many personal visits and phone conversations (there still are) with Gregory. He’s a person who keeps a firm focus on his breeding program and his farm’s goals. He maintains a program concentrating on the specific Arabian horse he loves.

Jumiaah bred by Myth Haven and owned by Julia Garcia

When you talk to Gregory you realise the goal for Myth Haven is about a collection of horses with the beauty of nature, the consistency of type and the desert quality of the Egyptian Arabian horse. It was this overwhelming desire to reproduce the desert horse of courage, grace and refinement that eventually led Gregory to Egyptian bloodlines. He observed and discussed his desire to breed a balanced, versatile and enjoyable horse that combines a classic Arabian look, an individual that matches its pedigree.

Gregory tells others to, enjoy every moment with your horses, go for a ride, prepare them for something, and show them yourselves to the best of your ability.  I vividly recall the insightful words of Dr Eugene LaCroix of Lasma Arabians US – The surest way to miss success is to miss the opportunity. Many a discussion with Gregory concluded with how important it is to take advantage of opportunities that will benefit you. But, yes, there’s always a but! Don’t forget to make sure the opportunity will honestly move your breeding program forward. Sometimes what you feel is perfect can turn into a nightmare.

At Pearsons View, we tended to have a five-year plan. And when it finally became clear that it was time to retire from breeding, I began planning. Some thing’s can’t be planned but sometimes an occasional sadness can move you forward a little faster towards your goal.

I truly believe that breeding program is never really finished, it just keeps evolving, so at some stage you have to decide if you’ve fulfilled what you originally planned to accomplish.
What have I learned from breeding Arabian horses? Too much to include in this blog. But I wonder if this is why I ended up writing novels about life and Arabian horses?

Opinions were always bandied around, for instance, Gregory feels more people should take the time to connect with their horses and reduce the time spent on computers and social media sites. He says – people should enjoy every moment with their horses, go for a ride, prepare them for something, and show them yourself to the best of your ability.

Gregory and Simeon Sima

Recently Gregory and I discussed that it’s a shame that breeders don’t make of point of getting together more often face to face to talk about the state of the Arabian horse scene and offer suggestions on what could be done to assist it. We used to do this in the OLD DAYS!

Once again, we come back to education. Gregory and I are of the same mind; we view ourselves as belonging to a great relay race, passing on from generation to generation the baton of a dream. Dreams, which connects a romantic past with the tenacity of the present. No one comes last and the only race you win is the careful preservation of the Arabian breed.

Visit Myth Haven Arabian Farm or find Myth Haven on Facebook.

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