For Thursday Art Day – How do I love thee?

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For Thursday Art Day – How do I love thee?

How appropriate to have Sally F’s amazing painting of our very dear stallion Simeon Stav for Thursday Art Day. Like Sally’s Facebook page at: 

Original photograph taken by Trent Miles


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways …  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A sonnet written for the wonderful old horses living out their lives at Pearsons View – today the words are for Stav …

I love thy face and beauty; I love with smiles and tears.

I praise thy foals of spirit, and dreams fulfilled o’er years.

I love thy soul and kindness, and faith no matter what…

Old age may have approached thee, but beauty, diminishes not.

What better way celebrate, than with a sonnet clear?

Ye are still young in memories, my memories, forever dear.

~Carmel Rowley


The Arabian horse can have a life changing influence over breeders. The call to maintain without extreme alteration appears to be the modern day challenge. I never forget that we are the patrons of Arabian breed and my life has been blessed by being a part of such a wonderful pastime. I can only hope that those who come after me realise their responsibility, one that not only expands the mind, but opens the heart and reveals the true and caring person within.

It would be fair to say Simeon Stav is an important cornerstone of the Pearsons View breeding program. In the 1970’s and 80’s magazines were scoured to follow the descendants of the mare Hanan. Lines to her son Jamil were already part of the stud and this family line became a benchmark for our future.

Imagine our joy when Asfour came to Australia. We believed  so strongly in his ability as a sire we purchased his first foal, Simeon Stav (x Simeon Safanad).

Simeon Stav (the invisible miracle – a good title for a book!) is loved by many and most certainly appreciated for his beauty, but, to be remarkable, Arabian horses have to prove their superiority when reproducing their own qualities. Even the most beautiful Arabian has to fulfil certain ideals, balanced conformation, brilliance of movement and the all important natural peacock-presence must never be overlooked. All are characteristics that typify the Arabian breed.

These qualities and more are instilled in Stav’s progeny, not only are they most appealing in appearance, they generally show the highest degree of athletic ability and inclination to perform. On reflection even the most beautifully written words were nothing compared to seeing Stav in the flesh. The legacy of Simeon Stav has exceeded all our expectations and we are eternally grateful to have this stallion gracing our lives.

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  1. Dale
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    So priveliged to be part of Stav’s life Carmel. Love the painting, haven’t seen that one before.

  2. Carmel
    | Reply

    That’s so lovely Dale, thank you. Yes, it’s new painting done by SallyF from Trent Miles’ beautiful photograph. Sally also did a painting of Sihr which is wonderful as well. You must pop into her Facebook page and have a look at her website links are above. Thanks again, so nice to have you post here.

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