The Horses of Saint Mark’s Basilica

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THE HORSES OF SAINT MARK’S BASILICA Carmel Rowley What a busy few months, apart from working on my latest book I’ve been sorting through our house and having a thorough clean up. After living in one place for thirty years you … Read More

Born of the South Wind for Thursday Art Day

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For Thursday Art-day we enjoy the mythical themed painting “Born of the South Wind” by Willa Frayser “MYTHS BRING THE UNKNOWN INTO RELATION WITH THE KNOWN” Cecil M. Bowra   The Purebred Arabian Horse begins a saga with no recorded beginning … Read More

Identify the past for the future.

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Identify the past for the future. Breeding Arabian horses has been such a probing aspect of my life. Over the years I’ve tapped into the fascinating lives of many past breeders,  but two, namely Abbas Pasha and Ali Pasha Sherif  affected me … Read More

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