Power and Environmental Perfection

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Have you ever heard the saying…“We buy things we don’t want to impress people we don’t like!” Over the decades I have thought about and noticed this type of behaviour in nearly every aspect of my life and amazingly even … Read More

Latest News TAILS CARRIED HIGH e-book

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LATEST NEWS for all horse lovers and e-book readers… TAILS CARRIED HIGH e-book Separate download on authors website for e-Pub & Kindle Formats. You can read e-Pub books on anything from a blackberry or iPhone, to a computer, or a … Read More

For Thursday Art-Day: Degas and his horses.

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For Thursday Art-Day: Degas and his horses. We especially know Degas for his ethereal dancers but his love of movement is astounding in his horses. Dancers Art history today teaches us that Degas is considered a revolutionary force in the … Read More

Confidence in confidence?

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Confidence in confidence? Recently I was reading the book “Nice Guys Can Win” by Wesley Harris. (The book can still be purchased online) It is one of my many self-help/motivational books! There was a short chapter which I really wanted … Read More

The Amazing BLACK CAVIAR wins again!

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Can you believe it – another victory for the amazing thoroughbred mare Black Caviar. This makes 13 out of 13 race wins. BLACK CAVIAR Queensland debut winning Bundaberg BTC Cup The Melbourne sprinter has captured the imagination of Australia’s racing and … Read More

Writing and Artistic inspiration…

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Writing and Artistic inspiration… In any creative field, whether it’s painting, writing, or photography, we face the possibility of our inspiration sometimes being missing in action. When this happens to me, I seek out specific sources that can assist me … Read More

For Thursday Art-Day – Leonardo da Vinci’s horses…

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For Thursday Art-Day – Leonardo da Vinci’s horses… Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 – 1519 Renaissance) appeared to love horses. We know Leonardo’s famous portrait painting, the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper wall painting but did you know Leonardo Da … Read More

For Thursday Art-Day we look at Edward Troye…

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For Thursday Art-Day we enjoy the work of Edward Troye (b. July 12, 1808 in Lausanne, Switzerland Troye was born on July 12, 1808 in Lausanne, Switzerland and died July 25, 1874 in Georgetown, Kentucky). He was a painter of American Thoroughbred … Read More

Easter is over – back to work…

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I hope all of you had an incredible Easter. Now Easter is over so is my little holiday from blogging. Easter this year was about friends, family, Arabian horse discussions, horse photographs and of course chocolate!!!  ‘Darling Sorsha’  photograph by … Read More

One-on-One is best!

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One-on-One is best! by Carmel Rowley Lately there was an interesting discussion amongst Arabian horse breeders on Facebook about attracting new people into the Arabian breed. Although I didn’t end up following every comment, the thread got me thinking about … Read More

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