Fictional Villain versus Real Life.

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Fictional Villain versus Real Life. I’m having an interesting time at present working on my ‘villain’. Creating a believable villain for fiction seems to require quite a bit more than throwing together some typically bad traits. It requires a real … Read More

Carmel Rowley Books at Equitana

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CARMEL ROWLEY BOOKS at EQUITANA Sydney (10th -13th November) Just a quick mention that all three of my books: ‘Tails Carried High” “Voices in the Wind” & “Danika and Yatimah from Egypt to the Outback” will be available at EQUITANA … Read More

Confidence in confidence?

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Confidence in confidence? Recently I was reading the book “Nice Guys Can Win” by Wesley Harris. (The book can still be purchased online) It is one of my many self-help/motivational books! There was a short chapter which I really wanted … Read More

Easter is over – back to work…

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I hope all of you had an incredible Easter. Now Easter is over so is my little holiday from blogging. Easter this year was about friends, family, Arabian horse discussions, horse photographs and of course chocolate!!!  ‘Darling Sorsha’  photograph by … Read More

One-on-One is best!

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One-on-One is best! by Carmel Rowley Lately there was an interesting discussion amongst Arabian horse breeders on Facebook about attracting new people into the Arabian breed. Although I didn’t end up following every comment, the thread got me thinking about … Read More

‘Gone with the Wind’ isn’t gone….

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Last week I did a piece on my favourite book and movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ after it was featured on television. This week I did my usual look around The New York Times website  and came across this … Read More

Tails Carried High & Voices in the Wind now AVAILABLE in the UK!

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What a HUGE week! I’m thrilled to announce that Tails Carried High and Voices in the Wind are now available for purchase from The Arabian Magazine Shop in the UK From Samantha…  “I am so excited to receive Voices … Read More

Tails, Voices, Danika and Yatimah now AVAILABLE IN THE USA!

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What’s new? At last the dilemma of high postage to the USA has been solved…. Tails Carried High, Voices in the Wind and Danika and Yatimah from Egypt to the Outback are NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN THE USA In … Read More

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