Eugene Delacroix 1798-1863 for Thursday Art day

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Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) for Thursday Art day I read Delacroix believed that, in painting, colour was much more important than draftsmanship, and imagination than knowledge. Eugene Delacroix – Arabians Travelling Apparently he became tired of the the learned subjects the Academy expected … Read More

Marvellous Memoir Workshop in Toowoomba

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Marvellous Memoir Workshop in Toowoomba held on Saturday the 21st April. Kathy Hoopmann and Carmel What a super Saturday! Thirteen writer’s gathered at the Toowoomba Library all geared up to attend a workshop on ‘Writing a Memoir’ given by the highly … Read More

Arabian horse intelligence

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Arabian Horse Intelligence Today it’s nice to carry on yesterdays Arabian ‘horse intelligence’ blog with an excerpt from W.R.Brown, Horse of the Desert. (Asil Arabians II The Noble Arabian Horses- Olms Press) Carle Vernet-Mamluk resting “…Of the horses, the Arabian … Read More

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