For Thursday Art Day – How do I love thee?

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For Thursday Art Day – How do I love thee? How appropriate to have Sally F’s amazing painting of our very dear stallion Simeon Stav for Thursday Art Day. Like Sally’s Facebook page at:  Original photograph taken by Trent Miles … Read More

From Eye to Heart – for Thursday Art Day

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From Eye to Heart –  for Thursday Art Day  Willa Frayser’s latest work is an Abstract Collection.  I’ve always felt abstract art is very personal. The artist appears to be totally unconstrained and painting their own story.  Today, the wind is buffeting and sighing through the eaves … Read More

Thursday Art Day – Sawrey Gilpin’s ‘Gulliver talking to the Houyhnhms’

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For Thursday is Art Day I’m featuring Sawrey Gilpin’s painting ‘Gulliver talking to the Houyhnhms’   Oil painting reproduction of “Gulliver Addressing the Houyhnhnms” a painting by Sawrey Gilpin. I’m quite fascinated by this painting, so recently, I revisited the book … Read More

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