For Thursday Art-Day: Degas and his horses.

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For Thursday Art-Day: Degas and his horses. We especially know Degas for his ethereal dancers but his love of movement is astounding in his horses. Dancers Art history today teaches us that Degas is considered a revolutionary force in the … Read More

Confidence in confidence?

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Confidence in confidence? Recently I was reading the book “Nice Guys Can Win” by Wesley Harris. (The book can still be purchased online) It is one of my many self-help/motivational books! There was a short chapter which I really wanted … Read More

Writing and Artistic inspiration…

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Writing and Artistic inspiration… In any creative field, whether it’s painting, writing, or photography, we face the possibility of our inspiration sometimes being missing in action. When this happens to me, I seek out specific sources that can assist me … Read More

The courtesy of ‘Thank-you’

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The courtesy of ‘Thank-you’ Have you ever given thought to how powerful the words ‘thank-you’ are? Thank you. It’s simple, right? Are these two words now so common they have lost their impact. The real truth is these two words … Read More

Where’s the Fire by Carmel Rowley – Part 2

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Where’s the Fire by Carmel Rowley – Part 2 Adapted from an article written by Carmel Rowley for The Arabian Horse Express June – July 2004 Owning, riding or breeding Arabian horses is an ideal test of patience and it … Read More

For Thursday Art-Day – Leonardo da Vinci’s horses…

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For Thursday Art-Day – Leonardo da Vinci’s horses… Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 – 1519 Renaissance) appeared to love horses. We know Leonardo’s famous portrait painting, the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper wall painting but did you know Leonardo Da … Read More

One-on-One is best!

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One-on-One is best! by Carmel Rowley Lately there was an interesting discussion amongst Arabian horse breeders on Facebook about attracting new people into the Arabian breed. Although I didn’t end up following every comment, the thread got me thinking about … Read More

A milestone for Arabian racing..

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Saturday 9th April 2011 goes down as a milestone in the world of the Arabian horse in Australia, with the running of the inaugural ‘Shadwell Arabian Mile’ at Caulfield Racecourse The winner was Franshar Park K Shar (Shah Wazir x Ulinga … Read More

Tails Carried High & Voices in the Wind now AVAILABLE in the UK!

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What a HUGE week! I’m thrilled to announce that Tails Carried High and Voices in the Wind are now available for purchase from The Arabian Magazine Shop in the UK From Samantha…  “I am so excited to receive Voices … Read More

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